Canoe, Kayak and SUP Rentals

10% OFF canoe rentals 5+ days
15% OFF canoe rentals 8+ days

Weights are approximate; may vary slightly depending on model.

Canoes (includes 2 paddles and safety kit) Weight Daily Rental
16’ Fiberglass 62 lb $38
16’ Kevlar 54 lb $44
17’ Kevlar 65 lb $46
17’ 3-Seat Kevlar 68 lb $56
16’ UltraLight Kevlar 48 lb $50
16’ Basalt Innegra 53 lb $44
16’ Featherlite Carbon 44 lb $56
14' Solo Ultralite 35 lb $44
16’ Whitewater T-Formex/Royalex 79 lb $50
15’ Solo Whitewater Royalex 60 lb $48
Kayaks (includes paddle and safety kit) Weight Daily Rental
Tandem Kayak 65 lb $58
Solo Kayak 55 lb $34
Sea Touring Composite Kayak 52 lb $56
Kayak Paddle $1
Lifejacket $1
Helmet $2
SUP: Stand-Up Paddleboards (includes paddle and safety kit) Daily Rental
Stand-Up Paddleboard $38
Extra Accessories Daily Rental
Canoe Paddle $1
Lifejacket $1
Car Top Carrier for 1 Canoe $15 (flat rate)
Car Top Carrier for 2 Canoes $25 (flat rate)
Safety Kit (rope, whistle, bailer) $1
Canoe Kart $5

Minimum one-day rental charge. All rentals are per calendar day — not 24-hour period.

Cancellation Policy:
72 hours (3 calendar days) or more: no charge.
72 hours (3 calendar days) or less: $35/canoe.
Same-day: $35/canoe plus half the transportation rate.

Upon arrival at our store, we’ll quickly complete your rental/shuttle contracts, and finalize payment.

You will then receive the canoe number(s) identifying your reserved canoes which are typically delivered to the drop-off destination one day prior to your arrival. Customers transporting canoes/kayaks on their own vehicles will be assisted with loading on-site.

All smaller items such as paddles and jackets must be picked up in person at the Algonquin Portage Store.

When picking up your canoe/kayak, watch for the personalized sticker identifying your outfitting package.