Our Shop

Come in and browse our unique Canadiana shop built in 1982 from timbers and stone harvested directly from the neighbouring woodland. Stretch your limbs and breathe in the fresh air as you stroll our spacious outdoor/indoor venue.

We are proud to serve our local neighborhood and visiting tourists! 

Treats & Souvenirs

  • locally made ice cream
  • baked goods & snacks
  • souvenirs
  • local artist display
  • publications & maps
  • T-shirts
  • memorabilia

Camping Essentials

  • tarps, tents, sleeping pads
  • Nalgene bottles
  • cutlery & dishware
  • water purification supplies
  • camping & filet knives
  • flashlights, headlamps

Camping Extras

  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • rain ponchos
  • batteries
  • Ziplock bags & tin foil
  • Tylenol & Advil

Be sure to use our handy Camping Checklist before you head out.

My family has rented canoes for 18 years from the Algonquin Portage Store. Their services are always reliable. The canoes are clean, delivered on time and marked with my name. The shop is well stocked with new items that I discover each time I visit.

Katja Fritsche

Deep River